Do-Boy Digs Bermuda

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Go on a whirlwind adventure tour of Bermuda with Do-Boy, the precocious “hot dog”, as he digs up an ancient pirate map. Ride from one end of the island to the other on his scooter as he follows the map in search of pirate treasure and delight in the many island characters that help Do-Boy along his way until the journey ends with a big surprise!

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1 review for Do-Boy Digs Bermuda

  1. Chasity Wasco

    I was lucky enough to meet Betsy while in port at the Royal Navy Dockyard on May 31st. I always bring a book back to my son’s teacher after every vacation and while searching the shops, I came upon Betsy and her wonderful books! She took the time to go through each and every book and it’s themes to make sure I brought the perfect book home to my son’s class. We decided on this book, and it’s message, for a 1st grade class full of seven year olds who never slow down. This book, and it’s important lesson, is absolutely lovely!!! A super plus bonus to my encounter with Miss Betsy, was her signing this special book for it’s many readers to come in the years ahead!!! Thank you Betsy from the bottom of our Vermont USA hearts!!!! Have a ‘tickety boo’ Day!!!!!!!

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