About the Author

Elizabeth Mulderig is a Bermudian children’s book author and illustrator. She attended Boston university to study English literature and the fashion institute of technology in New York where she studied art. After receiving her B.A., cum laude, she returned to Bermuda.

Melding both her talent for writing and painting together, Elizabeth created her first book ‘Tiny the Tree Frog Tours Bermuda’. The book is Bermuda’s best selling children’s book having sold close to eighty thousand copies. The book received the coveted Lilly award and went on to be chosen by the corporation of Hamilton to create Tiny’s story walk in the Park. Her children’s cookbook, ‘Tiny’s Cookbook for Kids’ won the international Gourmand award for Best children’s cookbook.

Elizabeth has written over twenty children’s books most of which star Tiny the tree frog. However, her dog is featured in the book, ‘Do-Boy Digs Bermuda’ and her cat in the book, ‘Bum Bum Bananas -Oh, Do mind Your Manners’.

The author lives in bermuda with her husband Hubert, where Tiny and his friends sing them to sleep every night.